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3 days ago

Jan McDowell for Congress
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I'm feeling SO inspired! Tonight I attended the Dallas Peace & Justice Center's annual Peacemaker Awards Banquet. Individuals honored included Hadi Jawad, Julio Acosta, Rev. Dr. Neil Cazares-Thomas, and Jan Sanders. A truly wonderful group of people who challenge all of us to do our part to bring peace and justice to our world. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place. ...

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2 weeks ago

Jan McDowell for Congress

It felt good to do something small to help! WHIT (What Happens in Texas) sponsored a packing party to send snack packs, blankets and underwear to the refugee center in El Paso. Lots of logistics involved, and lots of helping hands. ...

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There's a disconnect here. On Friday, we got the government's dire report on climate change. Today we hear that GM is closing 5 plants...the ones that produce smaller cars. No one is buying those, so GM will focus on SUV's and trucks.
So...when gas prices go up, people buy smaller cars. Now that gas prices are down, we buy bigger vehicles.
When will we realize that climate change is more than a pocketbook issue and act accordingly?

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